Hi, I'm Anileu


Artist of 12+ Years

Hello! I am an active artist who is mostly in the furry fandom. I work on digital illustrations, graphics, and traditional art. You can also find me crafting beauty products, costumes, and accessories. 

My site is new, but please enjoy. You can check my contact page for more social media links.

Thank You!

Fandom Involvement

I am very active in the furry fandom. You can catch me at local meets & conventions. I have multiple fursuits I enjoy wearing. 

My fursona is Bijou, and you will see her in majority of my artwork.

Current Fursuits: Letti & Roxxi


Personal Life

Anileu Works is my part time occupation. I work full time in automotive repair. This has been a career of mine for 6+ years that I enjoy very much. This also makes me a large offroad enthusiast. You can find me in many Gearhead Furry Groups. I am prior military, Army, and support my fellow military furs. 

I have a wonderful husband who is in the military and we have first child expected Summer 2020. Though not a furry himself, he loves his fursona and supports my fandom involvement.